The Stuff You Should Know

You've reached my site's knowledge bank.  Everything you find here is my personal opinion about what happens in Minnesota family court.  Please do not share this information with others.  While I firmly believe everything I write here, the outcome of a cases depends on many things I can't anticipate on a website.  So I provide this information to you, my clients, only because I will personally accompany you on your journey and can help make corrections / additions / modifications as we go.

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If you're new to the site, start reading here.  You'll find general information about how the process works, what I believe happens, and what you should expect.

All Things Children

In this section, you can find more information about how children are handled in divorce cases.

Money Problems

In this section, you'll find advice and information about divorce-related money issues.  This includes the following topics:

1.  Child Support;

2.  Spousal Maintenance; and

3.  Property / Debt Division.