People tell me I don't seem like the typical lawyer.  Here are some things I love.


Soccer and all things sports (except for basketball).  I'm a huge soccer fan.  Most Saturday mornings from August to May, you'll find me routing for my favorite Premier League team.  Go Chelsea! My wife made me include a link to the team's web site so no one thinks I'm cheering for a girl named, Chelsea. Ha!

Physical fitness is also important to me.  Last year, I finished Tony Horton's P90X3 program.  Never have I been so sore for so long.


I like to have fun.  My kids tell me I'm silly.  Sometimes, they're right.  I like to have fun.

I also love red wine and ridiculous television shows like Gilmore Girls, Californication, and Suits.

I read trashy fiction.  Every year, I resolve to read more "sophisticated" literature.  I usually last about 20 minutes before giving up.  It's awful.