Divorce Questionnaire - DV#1

All people getting divorced must start here. Please complete the Divorce Form by clicking on the button below.

To protect your privacy, the form uses military grade encryption. However, these days, there is always some risk transmitting data. If prefer to use paper, let me know. But, completing the electronic form will save you money and let me help you faster. More information about do's and don'ts can be found in the form.

I apologize in advance for any technical problems you encounter. After all, I am a lawyer, not a Silicon Valley tech mogul. Let me know what doesn't work and I'll try to fix it.

Before you go, two final things. First, please try to do a good job on the forms. None of the questions are optional. I need all the information. Second, for the rest of our time together, pay attention to any items marked "DV." These nuggets will help you stay on the path and avoid getting bit by a nasty old rattle snake.

If you get lost, you can always start over again on the Clients Only page.

Custody Questionnaire - DV#2

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DIScovery Questionnaire

Coming soon . . .