Relationships matter.  If we're going to trust each other, then we need to be honest.  Me included.  Here's who I really am.


I am conservative.  I believe in small government, personal responsibility, equal opportunity, fair dealing, and the magic of our free market system.

I believe in small business entrepreneurship.

I read Fox News, Politico, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Atlantic.  Sorry, but I can't stand local news.

Full disclosure: I also love Minnesota public radio.

2017.01.11 -- Rob at Beach.jpg

I struggle with anxiety.  For more than 13 years, I have worked hard to always "appear" professional, while secretly worrying way too much about what others thought of me.

What do I worry about?  Probably the same things you worry about.  Whether I'm successful enough.  Whether I will be able to retire.  Whether admitting to anxiety is a "huge" career mistake.  Whether I will disappoint a client because I can't fix the system.